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Delivering the industry’s best practices and optimal solutions to manage tools & supplies, reduce costs, & increase operational effectiveness!

Item Survey

Item Survey

The Item Survey accurately assesses your optimum storage needs. Without it, you risk implementing a solution that is either inadequate or overpriced. A completed Item Survey is the foundation for designing a supply chain solution correctly sized for your needs.
Education & Installation

Education & Installation

We support our products, equipment, and services with a range of installation and onsite and offsite education programs to quickly and effectively train your employees and help you maximize your investment.
Item Planning & Database Building

Item Planning & Database Building

This service is the next step in optimizing your supply chain. It transforms the data gathered during the Item Survey into a functional database that determines which process changes and enhancements will yield the greatest savings.
Equipment and Software Maintenance Agreements

Equipment and Software Maintenance Agreements

Our Equipment and Software Maintenance Agreements offer free replacement parts for failed components, free software updates, and unlimited telephone support. WIDIA provides several payment options to suit your budget and ensure uninterrupted support.
  • Quickly see the best tool to use for a job during process planning and check inventory availability in ToolBOSS units
  • Move faster from design to the shop floor with the most efficient cutting tool option on hand
  • Easy ordering of new tools, and automated-order capability
  • Redundant backup of data
  • Remote access to reporting
  • Remote diagnostics of vending machine system and easy maintenance
  • Self-paced, on-demand e-learning of ToolBOSS software and NOVO™ app

ToolBOSS Machines

By constantly evaluating inventory condition, items that can save you money through regrinding are
reconditioned and positioned for use ahead of more expensive new tools.

ToolBoss ECTC

A conventional cabinet with ToolBOSS electronic lock upgrade

ToolBOSS Module


High capacity modular storage units

ToolBOSS Units

Combine ToolBoss vending units with our powerful management software to create a highly versatile, high-capacity, and highly secure storage solution