Optimizing Assembly In The Warehouse

Lower Labor Costs
Faster Production Time
Increased Warehouse Efficiency
Increased Product Sales

About Techni-Tool’s Kitting

Create your own custom tool kit with Techni-Tool and put the right tools in the right place to complete your job. You’ll always know where your tools are and when they are missing. We can help select the right tools and the optimal storage system. Laser etching provides easy tool identification. Precision cut-foam inserts keep your tools and other equipment in order.

Increase productivity and efficiency, improve management, prevent foreign object debris, and support your standardization.

5S Methodology for Manufacturing


Our kitting solutions aim to eliminate waste and help organize your business with the 5S Manufacturing system in mind.

Other Solutions that follow 5S Best Manufacturing Practices

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Safety Information


Kitting is the most efficient and cost-effective way of purchasing your safety needs. It’s a process in which individual products can be grouped, packaged and supplied together the result is saving time resources, labor hours, and money.

Kitting allows you the peace of mind of knowing that each piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) pairs with your safety program approximately. Buying products this way helps track your inventory and know exactly what gear your crew is working with at any given time.


Employees are more productive when they have the tools they need to do the job. Keeping kits on site reduces the time waiting on replacement items, more time getting the job done and kitting helps develop accountability.

Training & Standardization

Kits help employers effectively and successfully train their employees on the equipment that can save their lives. Workers know their limitations of each piece in the system and understand how their equipment interact with other safety gear.

Preparedness response & deployment

Having specialized kits on hand ensures you and your crew are able to tackle whatever comes your way.