Cutting Tool Final Inspection

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Cutting Tool Final Inspection
Techni-Tool Inc. provides final inspection of all cutting tools ensuring the quality of all your tools to your specification standards. This drastically reduces inventory and allows delivery to the machine.

Measuring & Inspection


Once received, tools are examined for damage and wear.


Tools are then measured to ensure that they are still within specified diameters and for remaining tool life.


The tools are cleaned to remove excess material from the cutting edges and clean the shanks to ensure tools do not have run out when put into tool holders.


After the tools are sharpened, they are examined under high powdered microscopes for chips and wear.


If the tools pass inspection, they are measured to ensure they remain in compliance with orthographic drawing tolerance and specifications.


Once the process is completed, the tools are dipped in sealant, or placed in boxes to prevent them from being damaged after the inspection process is complete.