Tech Support & Engineering

We provide turnkey solutions for prints, extremely short lead times on custom end mills, drills, &
other parts. We have an entire sales staff loaded with years of Industry knowledge waiting to help
and if we don’t know the answer we know who does!

Customer Testimonials:

I had a Hot job with a deadline and I kept running into unforeseen issues that required special tooling. Dakota was right there and helped me find and order every tool that I needed in a timely fashion. He bent over backwards to make sure I had everything I needed. The job was a success thanks to Dakota.

— Mike B.

 I have work with many tooling providers big and small. Hands down beat tools providers in the DFW! Every time I have a project I can always look to technitool to come through with all my tools on time and correct.

— Josh Z.

Working with Techni-Tool is always fast & easy. They’re my go-to vendor for all my tooling needs. Everyone at Techni-tool is knowledgeable, friendly & helpful.

— Mike A.