Fluid Solutions


Whether you are a job shop with a handful of CNC machines or a manufacturer with large central systems, Techni-Tool has the ideal cutting and grinding fluid to get the job done. We offer comprehensive technical support for our product lines with fluid experts, either on-site with fluid specialist or from chemists at state-of-the-art laboratories; all coupled with local stocking and delivery


Techni-Tool has an in-house fluid specialist that will train your operators and maintenance staff the ins and outs of fluid maintenance. We are committed to help our customers get the most out of their metal working fluids. Techni-Tool has partnered with FST to service customers that wish to outsource their metal working fluid maintenance. “FST is the source metalworking businesses and operational leaders count on to keep fluids optimally performing, to clean and inspect machinery, to keep facilities clean and free from hazards and to properly dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.”


Proper fluid management is critical to protect your fluid investment. Lack of control increases usage rates, disposal costs, labor and downtime. Techni-Tool through our fluid manufacturers offer laboratory services to monitor systems and ensure optimal performance. Techni-Tool’s fluid partners provide customized laboratory support services to enhance your quality control processes, investigate solutions to complex issues and increase product performance.

Types of Fluids


Water Soluble Cutting & Grinding Fluid


Straight Oils

metal cleaners

Metal Cleaners


Corrosion Preventatives

milling machine

Metalworking Additives & Specialty Fluids


Metal Forming Fluids

Additional Advantages

  • Reduces costs by up to 30% by making sure facility is running properly
  • Decrease usage rates, disposal costs, and labor

Extend lifespan of machinery

Training Available for your staff

Reduce contaminants